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Our expert advisors provide knowledge and guidance to all members in order to help them build capacity for the implementation of responsible tourism.


Arannya is a Goa-based nongovernment organization that has wildlife conservation and environmental education at its heart with a vision to facilitate an informed society that can live sustainably and closer to Nature. 


Arannya recognizes the importance that tourism as an industry has in Goa and is committed to extending its vision to encompass this sector and help in facilitating sustainable tourism practices across the state through public engagement, outreach, livelihood, and tourism consultancy services.

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Pronoy Baidya

Arannya is represented in the collective by Pronoy Baidya who heads Arannya's Research and Education Division. Pronoy is an ecologist and entomologist by training with specialized skills in Ornithology, Remote Sensing, GIS, Cartography and Research Training. Pronoy has been involved in several consultancy projects with business houses and industries in Goa dealing with Environment Consultancy, Biodiversity Management Plan Consultancy, Ecotourism, and Livelihood based Projects and is best placed within Arannya to advise the responsible tourism collective of Goa. 

Aditya Mukharji

Aditya has been working as a hospitality consultant in Goa and Ladakh. He is deeply passionate about bringing sustainable and responsible tourism into the mainstream tourism dialogue.

Journeys with Meaning

For over a decade, Journeys With Meaning has used Responsible Travel to bring inspiring stories of hope, resilience, innovation, and change to urban Indians and others who are often disconnected from Nature and the life lessons it can teach.

Our Learning Journeys have proven to be an extremely powerful tool that takes us from theory to practice, from reading to experiencing, and from watching to doing.

Focusing on conservation education with responsible travel, JwM offers customized learning journeys across India (and Goa) to schools and to groups.

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