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Cultural and Heritage Tours 

Goa has a truly unique culture and heritage, that people from all over the world have fallen in Love with. Connect with one of the businesses below if you are keen to learn more about this beautiful place and the people who call it home. 

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Tours Available Daily, Year Round

Connecting Heritage and the Community

The goal is to more deeply understand a travel destination’s culture, people and history by connecting with it more than just by visiting it. Therefore, the traveler usually gets in touch with locals who give guidance how to experience a place.


Make It Happen facilitates shared experiences and ideas that can

leave you with an expanded world view and alternative way of


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Make It Happen


Private Tours On Request

Chill Like a Goan 

Not “best places to go to” but “lesser travelled ones”. Not “guided tours” but “happily unhurried loafs”. Not “look & leave” but “interact & learn”. Not a “guide” but your “local friend”. Not the “touristy traps” but “the real Goa”.


The Local Beat is a “by appointment only” local travel company full of happily unhurried adventures, loafs & pasoi’s (leisure walks) into the old world charm of Goa.


With us, you will fish the local way, toss a kobblen with stinky chicken legs, sing cantaran, maande & dulpodd’s on guitar & ghumot. Row in a ponnell (boat) around the mannos, have wood-fire pezz (kanji). Slurp on freshly plucked coconut water by the padekar. Poke around the padeira (bakery), down a kopp of urrack/feni at a tavern. Lunch on a balcao with the lilting music of serenaders. You will walk like a local, talk like a local, eat like a local & chill like a Goan.

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The Local Beat


Tours Available Daily, Year Round

Wildlife, Ecology, Community

Mrugaya Xpeditions is a tour company based out of Goa that has wildlife & nature at its heart. Mrugaya is built on a strong foundation of understanding of wildlife, ecology, community & conservation issues. We strongly believe in the ethics of minimum disturbance to the areas we visit, while ensuring that the local community are an important stakeholder and beneficiary.


We also believe that travel is essentially an experience and that is precisely what Mrugaya endeavours to give its clients. 

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Mrugaya Xpeditions


Tours On Request

Celebrating Goan Culture

Soul Travelling (Untraced Paths Travellers LLP) specializes in offbeat tourism. We plan to change the way people perceive travel and while doing so. break the myth of the notoriously popular concept of what Goa is. and give them instead some of the most local experiences steeped in history and full of the true Goan flavour.


In that way we aim to change the stereotypes associated with Goa and how Goans look at their cit-ies, villages, and towns. Our initial focus area is Goa with future global expansion plans. To be acquainted with a place and having pride in it, knowing it well is important. We believe that the best way to learn about the culture, the stories, and the history of a place is to walk through it. We've realized that today's youth are losing touch with their cities, villages, and towns. Our purpose is to connect the places with the people, and to give them an experience they will never forget

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Soul Travelling

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Daily Tours Starting Oct.- March

Heritage Prosperity, Communities, Conservation.

Welcome to my ‘Fullyancho  Gaov’ Valley of Flowers! My Goa, my village, my people, our heritage, culture & art runs through my blood. I am a proud son of the soil, born and lived in Assagao. My village nestles within a valley with forests cover all around. With gardens, orchards, medicinal plants , natural springs and of course beautiful centuries old Goan homes from the Portuguese era, you will step into another world of Goan life. There is a reason why we say that the heart & soul of Goa is in our villages.

I conduct heritage walks in Assagao with an aim to raise awareness and  funds for my NGO LIVE HAPPY. I felt a strong call within me to spread the message of happiness and so I started the NGO in 2015 along with my Spanish wife Beatriz Contreras.  working on different projects focusing on social, environment and economic issues in the community. Live Happy (NGO) is presently working in Assagao village, Goa by creating a  child centered socially sustainable village model and spreading the message in Spain by conducting yoga sessions and inter exchange of culture between Spain and India.

I have been a yoga practitioner for a decade, something that has helped me live full, live simple & live happy. And yes, on the heritage walk, we will sing the LIVE HAPPY song too!

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Live Happy

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